This is a record of our project to convert an old Irish stone cottage into a modern (but sympathetic to it’s roots) home which will stand the test of time for another 150 years.

The reason…

At the time we found our cottage, We had lived in Ireland for over three years in a rented bungalow, and had finally decided we needed to stop wasting money and get back on the property ladder. Unfortunately we were renting in a very desirable area and could not afford to buy because house prices had become prohibitive. Our first option was to buy a plot of land near by and have a house built, but we soon discovered that Ireland has a planning law preventing undesirables like us (not born and raised it the rural area) from building a new house. Our only other option was to try and find an existing property which needed renovation. Easier said than done.

The Plan…

We will be renovating the existing cottage and hope to retain as much of the original character of the building as possible.?áThe original fireplace will be preserved and we will keep the?ávaulted ceiling and a feature mezanine deck complete with ladder. it should be just like Bunratty Folk Park (google it!) if we get it right. We decided against thatch due to cost and maintenance.

An adjacent barn is also going to be renovated and linked to the cottage by a new extension. Finally, the old ‘cow’s quarters’ will be rebuild as a guest bedroom with en-suite.

The Result…

We’ll let you know when it’s finished!!

The Future…

We hope to make the project as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, but this will be dictated by our limited budget and we may start with the most cost effective rather than the most desirable solutions.

Because of the location, quite high on a hillside it would be great to explore wind power in the future.

Not so sure about solar power…..there is a reason they call Ireland the Emerald Isle. I might even look at hydro as there is a constant flow of water down the hillside…………….

September 2022
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