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For anybody who stumbles upon my site, i’ll add a few bits of info I found useful when trying to understand the process in building a house.?á It can be daunting when you’re not quite sure about the stages of construction and the order it happens. For example, my original idea of underfloor heating was abandoned because i should have been ready to lay pipes at the ground works stage. I was thinking heating – ages until I need to worry about that…I just assumed that I would lay screed over the pipes later on when I have the time and money to do the heating. Although this is possible it greatly increases the cost and effort needed. Having said that, i’m happy to be sticking with conventional radiators now because they are cheap and simple. I think the potential saving of underfloor is probably not enough to warant the extra cost of installation. I’m sure lots of people will disagree…… I intend to have gas central heating to boost the heat and a log burner with back boiler to maintain it.

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