Birds eye view (06Feb09)

?áDecided the view from the scafolding would make great photo’s?á

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  1. bexandtrigger Says:

    hehe i love the website love you dad 😀

  2. Mike Says:

    thank you Bex 😉

  3. cally Says:

    Hi Mike Sue and family
    wow lovely house you must have got the building gene from your dad hope you are all doing well i would love to hear from you im always over in ireland i married a man from dublin and our son was born there i left you a message on facebbok not sure if it was you but yes it is take care be good love to you all xx

  4. Ingrid Hunt Says:

    Hi Mike, Becky, Josh and Sue,

    What a fabulous house and I hope you have lots of love, fun and happiness in it!

    Watch out Kevin Mc Cloud of Grand Designs!!!!


  5. Uncle Mike Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    WOOOOOOOW!!!! What a transformation. The house is looking absolutely fabulous now. I bet you cannot wait to move in and enjoy your lEEErvely new home.

    Sylvie and I are very jealous. We cannot wait to come and see you all sometime soon we hope.

    Lots of love

    Uncle Mike and Aunty SylvieXX

  6. Adrian M Says:

    Please forgive I am not familiar with wordpress protocol but YOU are renovating MY FAMILY HOME from 1852 when they left Ireland – believe me or not – I can prove it.

    I won’t place my full name on here but would love to hear from you – and will advise more about the history of the house. To also ‘prove’ my authenticity, I can tell you the name of the dairy farmer nearby whose first name is Christy and surnam is D ….n – I was there at the old boreen in 2007 visiting my ancestral home – I had ideas of lodginh a ‘native title’ claim on the old place as economic hardships drove my family away in 1852 – now I’d like to come back – ha ha just joking.

    what an amazing thing to come across this project – I assure you, the records of the ealy Griffith valuations will show my family in that old cottage – I hope you’ll say hello and assume that it’s ok to enter my email address into this message – no idiots please but to be sure the owners of the cottage can see my address – (email removed) – Adrian M from Australia

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