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  1. Margaret McBride Says:

    Just came across your blog and can’t begin to tell you how happy you made it. It was wonderful to see the beginning and the transition from a beloved but derelict old home to a much loved and revised one. I belong to the dispersed family that left that home in 1851/52. My great-great grandmother raised her family of five boys and a daughter, who lived and died, in that original cottage. My great-grandfather spent his youth there growing up before they left to Australia. My husband and I visited a distant cousin up the next boreen of Cloontra East during a long awaited and hoped for genealogical history/research trip in Sep 2013. We “accidentally” went right past this place and got lost at the top before we were redirected up the correct road. I took a few photos coming back down but it was not until later that I realized we’d gone right past the old ancestral home. I’m so glad it has ended up in the hands of a family that has treated it with such care. May you have a long life and much happiness in your new(ish) home. Margaret M. Canada

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