Slabbing the vaulted ceiling(11Dec10)

It’s now extremely cold, lots of snow and very icy during the night. We desperately need to use the dining room as our lounge because it is the only room in the house with a working fireplace. To make it usable, all we need is slabs on the ceiling so we don’t loose all the heat. We can make do without slabs on the walls as long as there is insulation, which we already have.



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  1. Brian Millane Says:

    Was there to see the project in June 2011: it’s the home of our ancestors who left that cottage in late 1851 (Sailed for Australia in early 1852). We have a few photos from early 2000s, if you’re interested. Your development is really good and it is in keeping with the scale and style of buildings in the area. It encompasses two of the original stone structures and will preserve for many more years part of the family history of those folk who have an interest in that home land. (There are many who live in Ireland – Cloontra, Cloontra West, Ballinasloe, Kilmore, Limerick and Dublin, among many others – and in all of the colonies!)

    Congratulations on the success of the project.

  2. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the comment Brian. I would love to see the earlier photos. I will drop you an email later.

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